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Arleyne Eldridge appointed Little Buffalo School Principal

Northland School Division No.61 (NSD) is pleased to announce the appointment of Arleyne Eldridge as Principal of Little Buffalo School. Arleyne’s career in education began in 1998 at Little Buffalo School as an education assistant. In 2008, she pursued a Bachelor of Education Elementary Degree through Teacher Education North (TEN); a partnership program between the University of Alberta and Grande Prairie Regional College. She graduated in 2013. 

 “I have worked with children in Little Buffalo or in a school setting for most of my adult life,” Eldridge said. “I am fluent in my own language, and very much aware of cultural identity.”

Arleyne has lived in Little Buffalo all her life and is a member of the Lubicon Lake Band. Working within her home community, Eldridge has accumulated 14 years of educational experience at Little Buffalo School. Since 2013, Eldridge has taught students in grades two and three. During the 2013-2014 school year, Arleyne was nominated for the Edwin Parr Teacher Award, which recognizes six outstanding first year teachers throughout Alberta.

“I am familiar with and support all of Northland School Division’s initiatives especially the literacy and land based learning,” said Eldridge. “I consider myself to work effectively as a leader and member of a team. With all my community contacts I will be able to work closely with the newly appointed parent and school council.”

Arleyne also has a background in criminal justice. In 2002, she earned a Criminal Justice Diploma from the University of Lethbridge.


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